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We sell Borogu Kava,Vanuatu's main export more
"Lost Island" Kava, packed with history and Vanuatu's secret treasure and most potent is our specialty kava.
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Newbee Central.
 Our recommended starter products and quick Q&A to help you on your way to your first Kava session.
    100g Starter Pack
          Ref: 5002
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NZ$12.00, plus local or international postage.
JustPacific Trading
Sampler Pack
Ref: 5004
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100g milled kava, 10g instant kava and a double layer kava strainer
NZ$:15.00 + local or international postage

How much milled kava should I have to feel some euphoric effect?

Knead 100g in 650mL of water. Skull two 2/3 cups five minutes apart and the rest at 15 mins intervals. Have your dinner. Don't fret if you don't feel anything the first time round. Keep drinking Kava and the euphoria will come to you.

How much do i need just to help me sleep?

Knead 50g in 300mL of water and drink in two servings.

What does it taste like?

Peppery. Kava is intoxicating pepper.

I'm I allergic to Kava?

Are you allergic to black pepper? If not then you are most likely not allergic to Kava.

Will I get a hangover?


How will I feel?

Relaxed with an insightful mind. As the muscles are rested, the energy is diverted to the mind giving the consumer extreme clarity of thought.

What does not go with kava?

Bright flashing lights, and noise. As the brain clears environment stimulants such as light and sound receive excellent reception and so too much becomes an unwanted distraction. 

What to get when I need more Kava!

We recommend buying a 1Kg or 500g packet so you can really give Kava a good go.

How does alcohol compare with Kava?

The goodness of kava for health and wellbeing, as well as a social unifying brew, is beyond comparison to other social brews. It takes away aggressive behavior and enables for easy dialogue and friendship building.

When can I start?.

As soon as you order... it is that easy. We have done the hard yards but you must now meet us half way.Take your first steps to a better life! 





Whilst the supply side of Kava from Vanuatu has been severely reduced by Tropical Cyclone Pam in 2015, resulting in the rapid increase in Kava prices, we are doing our part to maintain our prices at a reasonable rate for our valued customers. Your contributions through buying Kava at JustPacific Trading continues to support farmers in Vanuatu, recover, rebuilt, and of course, replant their kava stocks. Thank you all and we look forward to serving you  good quality Vanuatu kava for many more years to come!
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